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Mia history


We warmly welcome you to study in the unique and exciting atmosphere of our Academy. Here you can learn in classes run by the most distinguished professors. Our students achieve numerous successes at international competitions and festivals. Studies at the Moscow International Academy mean also an intensive language activity: language competitions, Cambridge exams, international projects, classes with native speakers. Studying with us means your great satisfaction and opportunities for your future career.


The history of the Academy goes back to 1996. At this time the Moscow Institute of Linguistics was founded, where a team of outstanding linguists and teachers was gathered. The Linguistics Department initially provided undergraduate and postgraduate linguistics degree programs. In 2004 Management and Tourism Departments were established focusing on international management and tourism.

In 2016 the Moscow Institute of Linguistics changed into the Moscow International Academy. Currently the Academy offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Linguistics, Economics, Management, Teacher Education, Oriental and African Studies and many other areas.


The Academy offers the highest quality education due to: high rank specialists who teach master classes of instruments, composition, and eurhythmics, choreography and music therapy, experienced teachers who deliver lectures and offer classes on the theory of music. The programme of studies is often enriched with extra master courses, seminars, workshops, or lectures (many of them run by visiting professors from renowned institutions from all over the world).


The academic year in Russia is divided into two semesters – winter and summer, each lasting for 15 weeks. The winter semester usually starts on the 1st of September and lasts till mid January, with Christmas holidays of about ten days. The examination session usually lasts for two or three weeks, beginning at the end of January.
The summer semester starts in mid February and ends in June. Summer holidays last for two months – from the beginning of July to the end of August. Entrance exams are obligatory and take place at the end of June.


The Academy puts its emphasis on internalization of education and improving its quality. Therefore an important point of the institutional strategy is to extend its international relations.
Our Academy is an active participant in the programme exchanging its students and teaching staff with many institutions from Europe. Apart from the exchange programme our students often participate in various workshops, competitions and masterclasses abroad. Within the frames of individual agreements our Academy cooperates with universities in China, Canada, Usa, etc.


The Academy is located in a unique palace not far from the Ostankinskaya TV tower which adds a timeless charm and creates a unique atmosphere to study and perform. At the same time, the Academy modernizes and develops its infrastructure for better comfort of present and future students.


Academic dormitory, offers 2- and 3- persons rooms. A well equipped kitchen area is available to boarders on every floor. Modern reception desk, public phone, laundry, drying-room and a cold-drinks machine can be found on the ground floor. New reception, monitoring of the whole building, working 24-hour multilingual staff secure the occupants of intruders.

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